Aquarians and taurus compatibility

Tomorrow was made for some, perhaps. But to Taurus, Tomorrow may never come. Take care of Today.

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility – The Definitive Guide

Hurkos may take a swing out into the Future, or back into the Past, due to other planetary positions in his birth chart, but when he returns from his brief, un-Taurus-like flights, he wants his dinner, and he wants it on time. He also pays his bills, minds his business, and expects others to mind theirs.

Besides, the only reason a Taurus psychic scatters any predictive pearls, is to convince people they should behave in a sensible manner right now, and they should be prepared, in a practical way, for any emergencies the Bull may have glimpsed in the Future. Unlike Aquarius, Taurus is neither weird nor pixilated.

Taurus and Aquarius Have a Lot to Learn From One Another

They are soft, serene — and sometimes beady, when the Bull is in a fury which occurs most infrequently, but when it does, makes up for its rarity with intensity. These two were both born under a Fixed Sign, giving them also in common a certain Fixity of purpose you might prefer to call it obstinacy.

It must be admitted here, in all honesty, that sometimes Taurus and Aquarius do not recognize one another as being from the same planet. Taurus desires to retain the status quo. Aquarius desires to change it. Picture these two, eyeing each other across a room, or across the street. Taurus is not inclined to be a chatterbox, blabbing all his or her knowledge to strangers. However, the practical facts and common sense the Bulls have cautiously. As for Aquarius, the Uranus-ruled men and women always know far more than they spill carelessly out of their little brown jugs.

They receive their kicks from life by playing W. Fields, speaking in Sanskrit, underwater… sometimes varying this by switching to Peter Lorre or Boris Karloff, whispering through a megaphone, while chewing bubble gum underwater. Even when their remarks are clear enough to sound like a tape being played forward, at slow speed, there are usually lots of blank spots, where the tape has been erased. Whatever, the point is that Taurus and Aquarius will communicate with one another exactly in the same manner they each communicate with the rest of us — in their own time, and in their own way.

This is a Sun Sign Pattern, which means that compatibility and comprehension between these two is achieved only with effort — and is rewarded with that good feeling of having accomplished something worthwhile, when it is finally achieved. It depends on many factors. To begin with, Taurus has a great deal more reserve of manner than do the typical, friendly, gregarious Water Bearers. A typical Aquarian is not prejudiced in his or her choice of buddies.

Sometimes a Taurus cannot even get out of their own way. The Aquarius takes flight, and the Taurus drags along the ground resisting change! Aquarius is yang, masculine energy. Taurus is a yin feminine energy. Aquarius is projective and assertive. Taurus is receptive and passive. If the relationship steps into the polarized area, all bets are off.

Taurus and Aquarius: Compatibility in Love, Sex and Life

If yin becomes passive to the extreme, they can become a martyr in the relationship. Taurus can be so stubborn and change-resistant that they are passive-aggressive. Aquarius can turn hostile, especially when their personal freedom is on the line. The yin and yang energies influence the Aquarius and Taurus compatibility factor.

The signs of excess yang energy in Aquarius include anger and a domineering attitude.

Taurus and Aquarius compatibility

It is best for these two to learn the art of compromise from day one in this challenging connection. Will it work for everybody? The aspect of Aquarius and Taurus reveals the position of each sign on the zodiac wheel. It is a measure of the distance between them. These signs have two signs nestled between them. Thus, in term of aspect, Aquarius and Taurus square one another. The square configuration creates this position where it is a degree, hard angle.

When one sign squares another, the dynamic in the relationship is oppositional. This kind of aspect makes it so there may be arguments or misunderstandings. What you can expect from this challenging relationship is no rest whatsoever! If they want it to work, it will take every bit of effort to make it happen. The main lesson in the Aquarius and Taurus relationship is the art of compromise. If they can get their acts together, nothing will ever be able to stop them from finding happiness. When it comes to the elements, Air rules over the heady Aquarius.

Earth is the element corresponding with Taurus. These two elements are as different as night and day. With Aquarius, the air makes the person intellectual and free. Air-influenced Aquarius has the gift of invention and creativity. Taurus, the earthy soul, is well grounded but challenging to motivate.

Yes, there are differences in motivation so this couple will clash. But, if Aquarius helps Taurus sharpen self-motivation, Taurus teaches Aquarius to slow down. Conversational wise, Aquarius can talk your ear clean off. Taurus loves the sound of a voice but can enjoy perfect silence too. At least in conversation, this combo joins together with ease. If the Aquarius and Taurus love match is out of balance, Aquarius might say a slew of mean things during an argument. Taurus might do the same if they reach the peak of their patience. Then what? Hell, on earth. Plain and simple!

Taurus and Aquarius: Zodiac Compatibility in Love, Relationships & Sex | Astrology Answers

Aquarius needs have a willingness to commit to finishing what they start. Yes, Aquarius dislikes anything ordinary or routine. But, this relationship will call for some minor sacrifices from both parties. The same goes for Taurus who will need to be a bit more social and flexible with personal plans. The Aquarius man and the Taurus woman are quite the mix. If not, a lot of forgiveness and a few bandages for the bumps and bruises will be necessary instead.

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Success for this love affair is dependent on both parties and their level of flexibility. The level of stubbornness each person has influences Aquarius and Taurus compatibility. The couple begins to split hairs when sharing perspectives and philosophies. The couple sees problems when bringing an unbendable attitude to the table.

To conquer the challenge, each partner needs to bend a bit.

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There are some positive things in this relationship though. A Taurus woman knows what it takes to make a super comfortable home. With a creative flair and an eye for beauty, the Taurus makes the home environment inviting. This is how the Taurus woman will keep her Aquarian man: By creating a place of absolute comfort.

With the sensual and erotic Taurus, an Aquarius man will find full sexual satisfaction. The Taurus female has no trouble staying active in the sex department. Not to worry, the Taurus woman has no problem putting her foot down. She also has no problem expressing what she will and will not accept in the way of behavior. The Aquarius and Taurus relationship needs clear boundaries if it is to succeed. Taurus is a creature who wants the relationship defined in clear black and white lines. No blurry areas. No watered-down colors. No over or underexposed corners. An Aquarius man presents their relationship stance like an artist experimenting with shades of gray.