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I feel very knowledgeable about the subject now. Thank you, Cayelin. The full moon effect is not 3, but 5 days, this because the moon is in the earths magnetosphere for 5 days 2,5 before and 2,5 after exact full moon.

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What I was speaking of in the article is that visually the Moon is Full for three Nights — so experientially the Full Moon is rising very full with very little discernible difference for at least 3 nights. Hi Cayelin! Im a long time student of the Arcane School started by Alice Bailey and there we follow the moon cycles in meditation. An the Tibetan master tells us that 2 days before the full moon is a time of purification to let in the energies of the sign the sun is in, the full moon day is a day of reception and concentration and the 2 day after are days were the energies are send out to the collective field.

So one day I checked the astronomy behind that, and I find out that the moon is only inside the earths magnetosphere for the five fullmon days, and those days the energy from the sun can come in to the earths field without interference from the moon. Those days the moon is bombarded by particles that circulate in the earths field.

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I will try to find the link to the astronomy site were I found that information. Thank you Jan. Very cool! And I hope you can find the link as this would help explain the experience so many have around the effects of the Full Moon…. Thank you Simeon for that as a confirmation that it is far more significant to have Two Consecutive Full Moons in the Same Sign than in the same calendar month.

Hi, Cayelin — I enjoy your newsletters and was glad to see you explain the difference between the true origin of the term blue moon and the more common erroneous interpretation in use today. Each of the full moons had a name and a place in its season. When there was an extra full moon in winter, it affected the timing of Lent and Easter which is defined as the first Sunday after the first full moon of spring.

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Thus, a blue moon does occur in a season with four full moons but it is NOT the fourth full moon, rather the third in the season. This method keeps the seasonal full moon names on track. The seasonal type occurs five times in a dozen years using the 3rd of 4 in season definition : Nov. Janet Booth. Beyond that, after reading such thoughtful and intellectual comments, I feel bad asking such an ignorant and personal question!

Then came July this year. Despite the fact that the 6 days before my birthday were incredibly stressful, painful, etc. I had an ok birthday! So my question is, how can I have had the worst month imaginable, when apparently this is the time for a cancer to shine? Hi Ali, So sorry to hear about your challenges. Without knowing your chart the one thing I can say is with a July 7 birthday it is very likely you are in a Pluto cycle and that can be extremely challenging to say the least. What you describe is classic Pluto. The good news is they do end and on the other side of them life is often magical and amazing.

I am speaking from experience when I have been in Pluto and events were so beyond my control and horrible I wished I could die. When the cycles were over the gifts were beyond anything I could imagine and I was so happy I survived. So hoping this is helpful. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. See Table below From the perspective of Solstices and Equinoxes, there are four seasons in a year and generally three Full Moons occur in each season.

Also see table below Different Types of Blue Moons In more recent times, the term Blue Moon has been used to describe the occurrence of two Full Moons in a calendar month. Sun Moon Eclipses.

Comments There are two New Moons in Cancer in Hi Cayelin… great article!!! Gemini is the sign associated with the mind, with thinking and talking and expression of all kinds. Without Gemini, there would be no talking and no exchange of ideas — or much, much less.

The Full Moon is always about moving on. Eclipses are intense. Put all this together and you have a super-powered chance to change the way you're thinking now, as the year ends. Look at where you're upsetting yourself with your thoughts and look for the best-feeling thought you can find instead. This will make a huge difference in your life! Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Twitter reacts to the JVN cover. The first winter Love Island trailer is here.

Rihanna is finally back on the red carpet. Khloe Kardashian hurt by Caitlyn Jenner comments. Adut Akech is 's Model of the Year. Hay House. These are the dates and moon events to look out for January Time to put the dramas behind you January 10 brings a magical-sounding Penumbral Lunar Eclipse, visible in parts of the UK. How the moon calendar will affect your life in john finney photography.

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More From Yearly horoscope and tarot forecast. This star sign is the least faithful. The star signs Aries is most compatible with. The star signs Pisces is most compatible with. Everything you need to know about Sagittarius. December horoscopes for every star sign. The New Moon is the opportune time to launch new projects and to follow your dreams. The New Moon is ideally a period of hard work, whereas the Full Moon is a period of reward.

Afterwards, the Moon will appear as a tiny little crescent which will get bigger and bigger, day by day. During the phase of the New Moon, the lunar disk is invisible to the naked eye. The Moon affects are very important and impacting on the human body, our mental health and even women's menstrual cycles. Discover what's in store in your weekly horoscope as well as today's horoscope.

Do you ever see the same number sequences? Check out our Angel numbers guide and discover the message from your Guardian Angels. Discover Astrofame's selection of products to learn more about the Moon:. The New Moon is an invisible phase for us on Earth, because the Moon is located between the Earth and the Sun, meaning the illuminated side shines away from us.

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Although the New Moon is invisble in the night sky for us on Earth, this monthly cycle has huge impacts that we must pay attention to. Find out what lies ahead in your Tarot cards. The New Moon marks a new start , it's the perfect time to initiate new projects. During the New Moon, sow any seeds you may have.

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The New Moon is a time for hard work and requires effort to be put in if you are to succeed. Fifteen days afterwards, the Full Moon will illuminate the sky and it may bring you success and some good news! Below is an example of the Lunar phases across 28 days:. The New Moon occurs when the Moon is located between the Earth and the Sun and a Full Moon is when we are able to see the entire illuminated portion of the Moon. If you want to benefit from the New Moon, here are some tips on what you need to do.

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