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Reflecting, pondering and facing relationship and partnership decisions is one of the main themes. Be honest with yourself about what you need and want from relationship. It's time to face a reality about the part you play and the direction you and another will take. Wednesday: Scorpio Moon aligns with Mars, co ruler of this sign.

This sets up the day at am and it's full of energy and raw emotion or drives that need an outlet. The Moon moves void of course at that time so avoid overreaction this morning. Aim to be constructive as there will be tendencies toward destructive instead. How can you channel those strong feelings and your will positively? Action is a key word for today. Fire element is predominant today and impulses, powerful urges and the need for change and movement come with this Sag Moon.

Wear Purple. Thursday: Sagittarius Moon.

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Pluto stations direct. Mercury moves to Scorpio at am EDT. Adapt and change in the name of progress. Investigate and gather information. It's a good day for studies or diving into inspired work or projects. For some, Pluto direct may calm or settle inner disruption and conflict. Let fire take the place of fear. The fire could be bravery, love, or motivation. Moon and Jupiter say this could be your lucky day. A change in perspective may be beneficial.

Today's color is Red.

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Friday: Mercury in Scorpio may inspire you to pursue information, such as solving a mystery, digging into genealogy or settling a medical or legal matter during the next few weeks. Keep that in mind and ask questions and consult with reliable sources. Mars moves to Libra at am EDT. This week is marked by planetary changes so there are lots of energetic shifts.

Mars in Libra may encourage those legal settlements in a more assertive or aggressive way. It is the planet of 'war' in the sign of peace. We'll see how that plays out. Capricorn Moon aligns with Mercury for late day business and constructive discussions. An agreement may be completed before sundown. Work or significant personal business may extend later than usual on this Friday. But the evening is also good for simple social plans.

Today's color is Blue.

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Saturday: Capricorn Moon for a productive weekend. Getting things done at home or working weekend hours makes sense. We're between a New and Full Moon and there's an upswing of energy. Plus the Moon squares the Sun encouraging us to make decisions, even the harder ones.

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Capricorn favors organizing and making things work better. Develop a new system or form a strong commitment at the Moon and Saturn meet. Uranus forces some situations so movement must occur. Notice where things can't really stay the same Neptune provides a bit of lightness and romance for evening plans.

Green is today's color. The Moon squares Venus and if relationship dissatisfaction is present, it may become a topic of discussion or disagreement. Mercury and Saturn are also square and communication may be challenging or news may not be what you'd hoped for. There's likely to be be serious contemplation or discussions today. It's the final day of calendar summer season.

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Wear Blue. This first day of fall features Cancer Moon, void in the evening, leaving plenty of daytime hours for priorities to be decided and acted on. We'll lean toward emotional or heartfelt decisions. Connect with natural surroundings and people related to or loved by you, and connect in intentional, present moment ways. Void Moon begins at pm to am EDT.

Today's color is Purple. Tuesday: Leo Moon begins am EDT and is in harmony with Libra Sun for good feelings between us and possibly a willingness to make peace. Mercury aligns with Jupiter for mutually beneficial agreements, travel plans and other business. Uranus is square to the Moon, and honestly, who knows the outcome!

Sometimes it's fantastic inspiration and other times it's unusual behavior nd craziness. Gold is today's color. Wednesday: Leo Moon gives a boost of energy or optimism or both. It's also a time of cutting cords and clearing clutter. Make space for creativity and fun. The Moon syncs with Mercury and Venus in Libra and Jupiter in Sagittarius for happy times, positive outlooks and outcomes and overall generosity.

Venus is also square to Saturn and some will make necessary and long term decisions about relationships. Void Moon arrives quickly at pm EDT.

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Do detailed or important things before then while judgment is strongest. Today's color is Orange. Waning Moon in Virgo with a number of planetary aspects leads to a mixed day. Some business may be accomplished while other things feel delayed or unclear. Internal processes are favored as the Moon aligns with Pluto.

One downfall today is the inability to come to the senses and face reality-only for some people though. Notice what really must be faced and dealt with. Do what you can and leave some things for another day when there's less resistance or second guessing. Or for Saturday's New Moon which can help propel things forward.

Cleaning house and cleaning up schedules and routines is favored.